DSC03305It was a transformative experience where I felt like I was in a peaceful dream, a place where I was able to trust myself in a graceful way.

– Nati Maya-Mam



081I had such a positive experience receiving reiki through Setareh. It was personal, professional and healing on multiple levels. I wanted to experience Reiki for the first time and it was above and beyond my expectations. Setareh tapped into my bodies deepest issues and uprooted them so I could truly begin to heal. On a physical level I’ve noticed a significant improvement in hip pain I had been feeling. I recommend Setareh to anyone in need of a little peace and light in their lives. I feel fortunate to know her and look forward to more sessions.
– Niki, mama, bruha, purple heart



I’ve received sessions with both reiki and massage. In this space, setareh’s healing is attuned with my chronic pain, my energy shifts, and I feel tenderly supported by her radiant gifts. I trust Setareh as an intuitive practitioner & healer in person & across coasts. My whole being generates gratitude for those replenishing moments. 

– Kay Ulanday Barrett


Joy-f109ull and heart-felt peace is what came to me after my treatment with Setareh. I look forward to our next one for sure! 

― Krusheska



Testimonial photo.jpgsetareh truly has unique gifts and offers something special in a session that I have never experienced before in a shiatsu and/or reiki session. setareh has powerful intuition and is able to tap into a deep healing space that is specific to the individual she is working with – able to locate where in one’s body they hold personal, familial, or ancestral trauma, as well as help that individual move or release that trauma. setareh also has the ability to experience and communicate visions that come up during a session, like images or even people who have passed. It’s deeply validating and healing to be witnessed in levels of what and who I carry in my spirit – whether that is my grandma (now passed on) or my relationship to the stars. At the same time setareh offers really practical, down-to-earth, compassionate suggestions or next-steps on how to integrate and continue the spiritual healing in physical, real-life ways, like what kind of food to eat, how to manage difficult relationships, etc. I will work with setareh any chance I get! 

– QPOC, femme-of-colour, survivor, artist, bossbabe, fan

Just had a2755362904_3c959a6e49_o really great session from Setareh. It was grounding, peaceful and nourishing. The session put me in a healing space and Setareh gave me some sound points of which I need to work on. I really enjoyed the space and energy field Setareh created. I look forward to other sessions if we’re ever in the same city again. Give thx. 

– Kalmplex