Currently Honeyheart healing is offering sliding scale energy healing/Reiki or energy healing/Reiki combined with Shiatsu bodywork sessions.

The energy work I do stems from my ancestral medicine knowledge and from the Japanese traditions of Reiki and Shiatsu bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang (internal organ massage,) yogic*, and food medicine healing. What I offer can be done in-person (hands on or hands off) or from long distance and can be offered to the past or future – distance, future, and past work. For more details about energy healing, Reiki, and Shiatsu please read below.


Energy Healing

I mainly draw from my training in Reiki mixed with what I have learned through watching and listening to my beautiful great grandmother Aziz who passed in the spring of 2012 in her late 90’s.

As someone who is exiled (28 years now) from the land that carries the bones of my most recent ancestors and where I was birthed upon, it is my daily struggle and creative beauty to seek my traditional medicines and practices in a faraway land of no pomegranate trees and saffron crocuses. It was a privilege and relief to reunite with my great grandmother Aziz in an immensely hot middle-eastern summer in 2010. In the years since I have been piecing together my observations of her ‘energy healing’ daily practices, her medicine stories, and her overall brilliance and inviting these ways in my work with energy healing and magic.

Originating in Japan, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy healing technique based on the belief that universal life force energy flows through each of us, sustaining our lives. Reiki was rediscovered in Japan by Dr.Mikao Usui in 1922 and later brought to Hawaii and Turtle Island by Hawayo Takata. I am initiated in Usui and Tibetan Reiki Ryoho level I and level II by Reiki Master Allison Eaton.

Reiki draws upon the energies of natural elements to strengthen, release or redirect energy flow in points of the body to support the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself and support physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. During a Reiki session the client lies in a relaxed manner, fully clothed on a massage table, seated in a chair or situated however feels most comfortable to both the client and practitioner. The practitioner uses a series of gentle hand positions directly on, just above, or from a distance of the body from head to toe. Reiki does not have to have direct hands-on and consent for touch is asked at the beginning of every session and if the client changes their mind at any time they are encouraged to let me know. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissue as Reiki is not massage. Commonly one might experience warm or cool sensations, visualizations, deep relaxation, shifting emotions and the sense that energy is flowing through the body.

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, or prescribe substances. All services provided by me are not intended to give medical diagnosis or to serve as a substitute for current or recommended medical care; however, Reiki supports any medical or supplemental healing methods a person may be using, and is safe during pregnancy and throughout all stages of life.

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Shiatsu Bodywork

Shiatsu is a “hands on” healing art based on traditional Chinese medicine and more recent anatomy and physiology theory.

Shiatsu in Japanese means finger pressure, and it’s practise grew from earlier forms of massage such as Anma in Japan and Tuina in China which use rubbing, stroking, squeezing, tapping, pushing and pulling to influence the muscles and circulatory systems of the body. Shiatsu by contrast uses techniques of finger, hand, elbow, and knee pressure applied to the acupuncture meridians and points of the body. Hence, it is also called “acupuncture without needles”.

Similar to Reiki, Shiatsu aims to regulate “ki” energy in the body that flows thru the meridians, nourishing the organs, muscles, glands, nerves and blood. I was taught Masunaga Shiatsu (aka Zen Shiatsu) by Fernando Cabrera- my training with him also drew from techniques drawn
from traditional Thai massage and Chi Nei Tsang (internal organ massage.)

During a Shiatsu session the client lies in a relaxed manner, fully clothed on a futon or soft but firm padding.