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Accessibility is a big beautiful spectrum and I am limited to the experience of myself (I do experience chronic illness and some disability brilliance) and others whom I have had the privilege to know personally or learn about so please let me know if there are ways that I can make my work with you or my overall practice better accessible, comfortable, and/or safe to you and others. Accessible health care is deeply important to me and any opportunity to evolve and create better access will be acted upon.

Here are some of the details of how my practice works to be accessible.

The framework that I work from is that you are the expert of you and I am here to work consensually with you in the ways you want for your healing journeys. I try to approach healing and medicine work from a place of abundance and wholeness versus trying to cure or fix problems. I believe that we are whole as we are and that my role is to help support and facilitate, with you, a channel of love and interconnectedness, to run thru and support the inherent mind spirit body balance within you.

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My practice strives to be safer space for all spirits and bodies including 2spirit, trans, genderqueer, and/or queer people positive and while my gender is fluid I benefit greatly from cisgender privilege.

More Accessibility Info for Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver, BC) coming soon.

I am always open to gift, trade, and other money alternative forms of exchange with folks; however, at this moment my resources around this are limited so I can only offer specific exchanges (inquire if you need to trade.)

My access needs:

  • Fragrance free or very reduced: If you are coming to me please be scent & chemical free (most natural scents and essential oils are ok but please check-in as this varies.)
  • If I’m coming to you please refrain from scented or chemical products for 1 – 2 days before our session.
  • If you smoke cigarettes, if possible, please avoid smoking just before our session and (if possible) wear clothes that have not been smoked in. Sage, sweetgrass, natural tobacco, cannabis, and other medicines are ok.
  • If I am coming to you we will need to factor in some time to find a space that is comfortable to you and ergonomic for me.

Access-love is a beautiful dance I’m excited to share with you.

Some resources on Fragrance Free: