About Me

Setareh - 315

I am currently working with my community on a description of myself that is better aligned with how I work today because the one below has evolved and refined as my practise and I continue to grow.  For now please bear witness to the yesteryears description:


I am a healing arts practitioner and multi-disciplinary artist based in *unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Swxwú7mesh-ulh, and Tsleil-Waututh (also known as, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). I share my practices of energy healing/Reiki, Shiatsu massage, full spectrum birthwork (prenatal & postpartum doula work), yoga, and holistic nutrition on a sliding scale or by trade/donation/and gift economy. Healing justice principles guide my work because access to vibrant self-determined health and consensual healing is our collective and individual birthright.

My practice is built upon and ever growing in the process of decolonization and anti-oppression work. I am engaged in healing justice movements with Indigenous/Black/people of colour led collectives, networks, alliances, and community across Turtle Island. Alongside social justice lovework I also live to swim in the wild wild ocean, shower in sun kisses, share food magic, build my dreams slow and sweet like honey, worship nature and the cosmos, create art, and converse with ancestors at my Mamanjoon’s side soaking in her old poetry and songs.

Acknowledging that healing can be vulnerable, below I share a lil’ more glimpse into parts of my life experience with the intention of offering more clarity and comfort to those that want to know more before opening up to working together:

I am recognized in the spectrum of identities of queer, femme, Iranian exile, chronically ill and that prefer “she/her” or “they/their/them” as gender pronouns. While my experience of gender in my life has been fluid, in my day-to-day life I experience cisgender privileges. I have legal citizenship status and come from a border smuggling refugee experience. I resonate with folks that feel “landless” or part of forced diasporas and those from working class/poor experiences or backgrounds. I was raised by social and environmental justice activist communities and have been engaged with movements in Coast Salish Territories for most of my life. My most recent ancestors come from Iran, and to my limited knowledge I carry lineage from nomadic tribal Lur people mixed with ancestors from south Asia.


Brown, Black, and Fierce Festival 2015
Healing Justice Network and Practise Space Allied Media Conference 2012 – 2015
QTIPOC Birthwerq Training 2014
Haay Fest 2014
Vancouver School of Bodywork Shiatsu 2014
Reiki Practitioner (Level I & II) 2013
200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher** (RYT) 2013
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) 2011
Centering the Tangent 2011


* Unceded means that the land is sovereign Native land that has never been surrendered and neither the Canadian or BC governments have legal (according to their own illegal laws) authority over.  Most of BC is unceded Indigenous territories. Musqueam “people of the river grass” is pronounced musk-ee-um. Swxwú7mesh-ulh is pronounced skoh-mish or squamish. Tsleil-Waututh “people of the inlet” is pronounced slay-wah-tooth.

** Despite my certification as a RYT it is my understanding that yoga (interconnectedness with creator/creation through movement, breath, and meditation) is not something that I can teach but it is something that I can share.

Photo Credits

Honey, flora & fauna pictures: Fierce Green Creations
Photo of Mamanjoon: Basil Shadid
Website Pictures: Photos by k. ho